House Cleaning

Professional House Cleaning Services

What makes us different from other cleaning companies is we began this business to impact the lives of our clients and to know that when the day is done we have made someone's life a little easier. Whether you now have time to play with the kids, read a good book, make a home-cooked meal, or do nothing at all. We know this is not a glamorous job but we do it because we love it!

Professional Service with our Personal Touch

Getting Down To Business

  • Attention to detail is what makes us the best. We do not set an in/out time for each home, we let the home dictate how much time it needs.

  • We provide all our own supplies and equipment.

  • You receive an email the night of your cleaning to open the lines of communication to be sure that you are completely satisfied.

  • We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If needed we come back to your home within 48 hours to be sure you are completely satisfied.

  • Our clients have easy access to change scheduling, leave special instructions and even provide comments all via email or text.

  • Our clients have easy access to change scheduling, leave special instructions and even provide comments all via email or text.

  • We have a Quality Assurance Manager that randomly inspects homes to be sure that all policies are being followed during your cleaning. The owner of Maids On the Run works in homes as well to be sure details are not missed.

  • We offer crews from 1-3 members for our homes. We try to keep the same crew in your home so that you can have consistent cleanings and build a trusting relationship with your assistant.

  • Our staff is paid well and enjoy working for us. Therefore, there is little turnover.

  • All of our staff participate in a comprehensive background screening to ensure your family's safety.

  • We can use Steam Mops and/or Bona Products to clean your hard surface floors at no additional cost. Both are safe for your family and are non-toxic. Since not all cleaners use a Steam Mop please let us know what you prefer before we visit.

Besides what is stated above, we get to know your name and not just your address. We do not have a set time in or out of your home/office. We work until the job is done. We believe that by helping families we will also help our communities.

Our crews are not overloaded with homes. They each do 2 a day. We take our time so we can do it right.

Your home is your largest investment and we are fully aware of the choices you have in choosing a cleaning company to care for your home. You should find a company that accommodates your needs, makes you feel comfortable and focuses on all the details of your home to be sure you are pleased with EVERY visit. That's what we do.