House Sitting

Your single largest investment should not be left with the neighbors to look after. Maids on the Run offers a better solution while you're away on business or pleasure so that you can rest assured knowing that you home is being cared for by a mature, reliable and honest Home Care Assistant. This allows you to feel comfortable that there is a back up person in the event of emergency or allow someone to prep your home on your return. We can offer our services based on your needs whether it be three times a week or once a month. We are here to give you peace of mind while you are away.

While you are away

  • Pick up mail, newspapers, flyers, and packages and bring them into the house.

  • Water indoor plants as well as fish (contract needed for animal care).

  • Check door and window locks.

  • Rotate lights and/or music.

  • Adjust window treatments by opening and changing blinds.

  • Check sinks, toilets, water heaters and other plumbing for leaks.

  • Monitor thermostat to keep it at a high efficiency setting. Adjust as needed.

  • Check after bad weather and look for damage. Immediate notification if problems are detected.

  • Schedule and meet with vendors to handle repairs, house cleaning and maintenance.

  • Weekly communication of the status of your pets either by text or email.

Before you return

  • We will adjust thermostat for comfortable arrival

  • We can provide grocery shopping as needed

House Sitting Pricing $16 per visit
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